Kathryn Declines Appointment to the SeaTac Airport Commitee

  • Type: Video
  • Date of Video: June 28, 2016
  • Subject: Councilmember Campbell Declines the mayor’s appointment.
  • Origin: Obtained from the City’s website on SeaTV


This is an unedited clip from the full June 28, 2016 council meeting. This clip shows two specific issues that the public should be aware of. First at 51 seconds seconds into the video Kathryn Campbell declines an appointment to the newly formed SeaTac Airport Advisory Committee without giving a reason. Second at 2 minutes and 40 seconds the council member walks off the dais and does not return until the presentation is done.

The Airport Advisory Committee is the creation of Mayor Michael Siefkes and is an action that was long overdue. The city has existed for over 25 years with the airport in it. The airport is the largest employer in the city and is a driving financial juggernaut for the county and the state. Yet in 25 years no committee was formed to analyse and advise the council on methods of better dealing with the port. The committee is made up of 3 council members: Erin Sitterley, Peter kwon and Michael Siefkes; 3 business people: Doris Cassan, Tom Dantzler, and Roger McCracken; and 3 residents: Craig Baker, Doug Hill and Joel Wachtel. The committee has met with airlines and has initiated a meeting with the FAA and city council members to open a dialogue on the airports effect on the city. Given the current negotiations with the Port of Seattle over a new interlocal agreement, this committee is possibly one of the most important committees in the city. Why would any council member decline such an influential appointment?

The answer to this question is important, because in 2015 Kathryn Campbell voted to obligate our city into two more years of a bad interlocal agreement with the Airport, costing the citizens millions of dollars annually. A situation this committee could help to reverse. This will be discussed further in our next installment!

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