Bad Kathryn and the Firs!

One of the more colorful residents of SeaTac, Earl Gipson has had his view of Kathryn’s involvement in the Firs Mobile situation published on “Nextdoor” (a neighborhood connection social media platform – Earl is also the writer of a popular local column on the SeaTac Blog ( called “The CactusSpeaks”.

This is the post:

“Councilmember Campbell,

I suppose I could take the time to quote the RCW’s for mobile homes and legal use of Hotel/Motel tax but why bother? You seem to be a slow learner and/or could care less what is legally viable and within the City Council’s purview (not to mention berating your fellow Councilmembers whenever you can). Using the Firs residents for your own political gain seems to be your priority. I hope it doesn’t work and they realize they are being used by you, Gregerson, Bush, etc. and you are no longer a SeaTac Councilmember after the election.

You are helping no one and I can only hope the Firs residents survive with their credit ratings intact, a place to stay in our City, and not ireparable harm to their families. 

You (and others) apparently have no concience. See below for you own statements. Sending this to you City email makes this public record and I take nothing back in what I have said/written so don’t bother to reply. Four years of you has been more than enough. Forward as you see fit. I sure have.

Earl Gipson

“…Campbell has been a voice on the SeaTac City Council calling for support for the Firs community, even leveraging funds from a tax on hotel beds to help the homeowners. There are already 13 more hotels in the pipeline to be built, Campbell said. SeaTac doesn’t need two more, she said….” 2017/11/01/seatac-mobile-home- residents-get-reprieve- eviction

after being on the council for four years, you should know by now that hotel taxes are regulated by the state and can only be used to promote tourism.  it is also interesting that you would even mention this as a possibility seven days after being informed that this is not legally allowed at the 10/24 council meeting as evidenced in the video at time mark 140:50″

This is the link to the video:



We must ask is this “good” behavior for a council member?

You decide!

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