Council Member Campbell Accused of calling a resident a “sh*t”!

  • Type: Written Complaint
  • Date of Document: July 3, 2017
  • Subject: Councilmember Campbell’s behavior.
  • Origin: Obtained from the City of SeaTac from a public request.

The first revelation we offer, is a complaint filed by councilmember Erin Sitterley on July 3, 2017 against council member Kathryn Campbell for using extremely rude and vulgar language in talking about a local citizen. A copy of this complaint was obtained from the city through a public request.  Those who regularly attend Council meetings are familiar with Ms. Campbell’s snippy tone and sharp responses. This instance raises the bar to new levels of inappropriateness.

The target of Ms. Campbell’s ire is a well-known local resident, Chuck D’Arellie.  Chuck advises that he has never received an apology from Ms. Campbell.

Should Council members talk this way about residents?


2 thoughts on “Council Member Campbell Accused of calling a resident a “sh*t”!

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  • The night council member called me a “sh*t” I simply asked if the mayor or his wife ever got the apology she was asked for. Simple as that.

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