A Bad Vote to Create a Budget Deficit!

  • Type: Council meeting minutes.
  • Date of Document: Dec. 8, 2015.
  • Subject: Councilmember Campbell’s Bad Votes.
  • Origin: Obtained from the City of SeaTac.


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A bad vote by the City Council has far reaching effects on the city’s residents and taxpayers. This vote was taken on December 8, 2015 at the last scheduled session for the year, just prior to the installation of the 4 new elected council members on Jan 1, 2016.

You will note in the documents the following:

  1. There are only 5 members in attendance and 3 of those members were voted out of office in the 2015 election and would no longer be in office after the New Year in 23 days.
  2. “An ordinance #15-1021 repealing Chapter 3.90 related to a utility tax” was introduced under new business. This ordinance had never before been discussed or mentioned at a city council meeting.
  3. By passing this ordinance, the council knowingly created a $2.5 million deficit in the budget, which was the reason the council gave for instituting the 6% utility tax in the first place.
  4. There was no immediate reason to repeal the tax at that time.

Many residents believe that the intention of repealing the utility tax prior to finding funding to balance the budget was done intentionally since it actually created a $2.5 Million deficit in the budget. To others it appeared to be a spiteful attempt by the losers to hurt the city they formerly represented. It is noted that Kathryn Campbell and Tony Anderson voted for this ordinance even though they were remaining on the council for 2 more years.

Directly below are two sections of the minutes for December 8, 2015 Regular Council Session. The first is the top two paragraphs of  the page showing date and time of the call to order. There are five council member in attendance: Mayor Mia Gregerson, Deputy Mayor Anthony (Tony) Anderson, council members Barry Ladenburg, Kathryn Campbell and Dave Bush.

The second is the section of the minutes entitled “new Business”.

The question must be asked, what reason would these two remaining council member have for intentionally unbalancing the budget and creating a $2.5 million deficit other than to hopefully make the incoming council majority’s job more difficult or maybe even cause them to fail?  Clearly this action was not in the taxpayer’s best interest! It is true that during the election, the new majority had promised to repeal the utility tax, but they made it clear they would do so only after they found a way to resolve the deficit. We consider this action a “bad vote” by Kathryn Campbell.

What do you think?


The complete minutes will be posted at the bottom of this article and are available from the the City of SeaTac via a public records request.

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