Kathryn is called out by the Mayor!

  • Type: Video
  • Date of Video: June 13, 2017
  • Subject: The Mayor tells Kathryn Campbell she owes his wife an apology!
  • Origin: Obtained from the City’s website on SeaTV

This is an unedited clip from the full June 13, 2017 council meeting (the clip starts at 1:17:29 of the original video). The main issue this video deals with is the fact that council member Campbell appears to be an equal opportunity offender of people, be they residents or other council members. Mayor Siefkes, at the end of the June 13, 2017 regular council session, describes in detail the actions of Ms. Campbell at a public function which lead to the emotional distress of the mayor’s wife. It is clear from this video that this issue was one of great emotion for the mayor and his wife. The mayor is to be congratulated for addressing this matter head-on and defending his wife.

This is the second revelation of council member Campbell’s proclivity for being inappropriate. The first incident was related in our October 9, 2017 article, “Council Member Campbell accused of calling a resident a sh*t!”, which can be found at this link:

Should the  citizens of SeaTac expect a more refined demeanor from their elected officials? We’ll let you decide!

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