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  • Date downloaded: 10/12/2017
  • Subject: Council Quarterly and Annual Expense Reports
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  • Created: One Consolidated analysis of the 3 quarters of 2017.

The city maintains a running report of the “City Council Summary of Expenditures”  a comprehensive document that shows the payment of Salaries and benefits and the reimbursement of approved expenses. Currently in “Document Central”, the online repository for researchable records, there are 4 documents relating to expenses one annual report  for 2016 and the first 3 quarterly reports ofr 2017. Remember, you can double click on any picture to make it larger.  They are posted below:

2016 City Council Summary of Expenditures.

The 2016 report shows under “Travel and Meal Subtotal” that councilmember Campbell spent $6,611.49  out of the $17,247.47 or 38% of all spending for all council members! The only council member to exceed her spending was Tony Anderson at $7,122.19 or 41% of the total spent. Together they spent a whopping $17,247.47 or 79.6% of total amount spent on travel by 7 council members.  There have been questions at city council meetings and town hall meetings as to the actual benefit of this type of spending, with few answers.

On the bottom of the page is the three quarters that are currently posted on the city website and we have provided that link under “origin”. Immediately below is a analysis which presents the data from those 3 quarters in a more concise form.

This year Councilmember Campbell has reduced her spending significantly from 2016 , but takes the #1 slot so far this year in travel expense at $2,619.32 of a total $5,288.60 for a record breaking 49.5% of the total amount spent by all 7 council member! Even, last year’s winner, Councilmember Anderson trails Kathryn at $1,799.28 or 34%.  Together they account for $4,418.60 or  83.4% of spending for travel. The other 5 members spent a mere $870.

What does this type of spending accomplish for the city? What is the return on this investment? Is Kathryn milking the system for all she can? There are records of the travel destinations if you really want to know, just fill out a public records request. But for now let’s leave it at this, when you have 2 people out of 7 spending significantly more money for travel, the residents have a right to demand accountability. It is for you the reader to decide if you are happy with the way your tax dollars are being spent! If not, show up at a council meeting and ask what your getting for your money. Or make a public request and get answers.


Below are the 3 quarterly reports for 2017. It’s good to see how taxpayer money is being spent and who’s spending it!

2017 1st quarter City Council Summary of Expenditures


2017 2nd quarter City Council Summary of Expenditures


2017 3rd quarter City Council Summary of Expenditures




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