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Greetings Dear reader,

Welcome to BadKathryn.com the website that exposes the truth about the behavior of one of SeaTac’s most controversial City Council members, Kathryn Campbell. Kathryn has had a colorful history during her first term on the council and we think it is important you, the voter, are fully educated in the truth behind the council person running for re-election.

Some information that will be shared has been obtained via public records request, which you can verify by ordering any record from the City of SeaTac website at this link.

Some of the information will be in the form of video’s which you are welcome to verify and also come from the city’s website and be viewed online here.

The information will be shared and  our personal comments will be limited to avoid influencing your analysis of what is presented. Please feel free to develope your own opinion.

This website strive to be fully transparent and will show you where to go to see the facts for yourself.

Now prepare for a trip down the rabbit hole!